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Meeting Room Information

The capacity of the meeting room is 70 persons.

The meeting room can be used for ICN sessions.

Some equipment available in the meeting room includes: projection screen, multimedia projector, slide projector, easel, VHS/DVD player with 32" TV, piano, lectern, and overhead projector.

A kitchenette is available for preparing refreshments.

Users of the meeting room are asked to leave the room as they find it.  A vacuum cleaner is provided.

Those using the meeting room must agree to the terms of the meeting room policy and fill out a meeting room application.

Click here to view the meeting room policy.

Important: Before filling out a meeting room application/agreement
call the library at 641-939-2173 to confirm availability.

Click here to fill out a meeting room application.

Note: The meeting room policy provides that library programs be given priority.  This means that your reservation can be bumped by a library program.  If a library program does bump your event we will try to give you as much notice as possible.