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Online Services

Bridges (Free Audio Book and E-Book Downloads)
Note: This link takes you to the library's catalog.  Log into your account using your library card number and phone number then click on the Bridges icon.  Follow the instructions.  First time users should allow for some setup time.

State Library of Iowa Databases
Here are links to a variety of databases provided through the state.  It includes a Childton's vehicle database, popular magazines, and much more.

Transparent Language
Learn a foreign language.

Iowa Locator
Search the holding of Iowa libraries statewide.  Most items can be ordered for you.

IowaWORKS Virtual Access provides services to Iowans at every stage of their professional career. Whether you are a student, job seeker, need assistance during a season of unemployment, or a veteran looking for work, IowaWORKS Virtual Access has all the access and information you need at your fingertips

Free for Iowa residents.  Take a look.  Explore the categories.  There's a lot here that you don't see without doing some digging.  This service was selected by Iowa Library Services with funds from Iowa Workforce to help Iowans improve their job skills and vocational test-taking skills.  Studying for your GED?  How about your GRE?  Maybe the ASVAB?  What about computer skills?  Do you need a green card or want to be a citizen?  Maybe you need tips on looking for a job.  There's more.  Explore.  After clicking on this link login to your account then click on the LearningExpress icon.

Eldora Public Library Online Catalog
This takes you to the catalog to search materials in the library and is also the login portal to access NEIBORS and LearningExpress.

Hardin County Newspapers
You need to be at the library to do this search.  Content of some of the papers is protected and may only be viewed in the public libraries of Hardin County, Iowa.  This project is funded in part by the Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation.