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Safe Child Policy

11.  Safe Child Policy

11.1  Parents, guardians, teachers and caregivers, not library staff, are responsible for the safety of children visiting the library. Staff cannot be placed in the position of supervising unattended children.

11.2  “Stranger danger” is a concern in our society. In Iowa (see Iowa Code 726.6) it is illegal if a parent “Abandons the child or minor to fend for the child or minor’s self, knowing that the child or minor is unable to do so.” The library shares this concern for the welfare of children and if library staff notices an unattended child they think is not able to fend for him/herself staff will contact police.

11.3  Iowa Code 692A.113 prohibits registered sex offenders from being on library property without written permission from the library director. Also, local procedure first requires library board approval on a case by case basis to allow registered sex offenders in the library.

11.4  Library staff and volunteers regularly helping with children's programs will have a State of Iowa criminal history check.

[Reviewed December 30, 2014]