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Collection Development and Interlibrary Cooperation

4.  Collection Development: Collection development shall be as follows:

4.1 The collection will not be limited to any subjects.

4.2 Selections will be made on the basis of examination of the needs of the community, current selection tools, bibliographies and recommendations of subject experts.

4.3 The selection shall be the responsibility of the Library Director.

4.4 The Library will acquire materials which will help meet its Goals.

4.5 Recommendations for materials by Patrons will be considered carefully and an effort made to include all worthwhile titles on subsequent orders if it appears the item will have appeal to other Patrons.

[Reviewed November 25, 2014]

5.  Interlibrary Cooperation: Interlibrary cooperation shall include the following:

5.1 The Board recognizes that no single Library can meet all demands in its community.  It is more prudent to obtain some materials through interlibrary loans than to buy them.  Libraries and different political subdivisions working together, and sharing their services and resources, can more nearly meet the full needs of their users.

5.2 The Board and the Director will be alert to opportunities of cooperation with other libraries, to strengthen the services and resources of the Library.

5.3 The Board reserves the right to limit the quantity of materials obtained for any one Patron.

[Reviewed November 25, 2014]