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E-Reader Policy and E-Reader Use Agreement


22.  E-Reader Policy


To make e-books accessible to library users the library has e-readers available for checkout.


Library users that want to check out an e-reader need to be at least 18 years old; have an Eldora Public Library card in good standing for the past 3 months; have a state ID card or driver's license, and complete the E-Reader Use Agreement.

[Reviewed December 30, 2014]



E-Reader Use Agreement


I agree to schedule an orientation (about 5 or 10 minutes) with library staff on how to use the e-reader before checking it out. Staff initial here upon completion. ____________


I will not expose the e-reader to moisture, food, anything that would scratch the surface, extreme heat or cold, or anything else that could damage it.


I understand that I am not to activate the wifi access.


I agree to return the e-reader and accessories in person to library staff by the date due. I further agree to wait while staff inspects the reader in my presence to check for damage.


I understand that fines on an overdue e-reader are $.50 per day, and in accord with Iowa Code 714.5 (posted in the library) criminal actions may be taken if the e-reader is not returned within a month after the due date.


I agree to pay for the replacement of any lost (assumed lost after a month past the due date) or damaged items. (For example, the Kindle Touch e-reader costs $99.99 and its charger adapter $14.99 as of 3-14-12.)


IA Drivers License # (State ID OK if No Driver's License) ____________________________

Printed Name _____________________________________________


Signature ________________________________ Date __________________



What You Will Learn at Your Orientation


You will learn to turn on and off the e-reader, find your e-book, turn pages, move from chapter to chapter, change the font settings, use the text to speech feature, and look up the dictionary definition of words. You will be instructed to keep the wifi turned off and learn how to recharge the e-reader if necessary. You will learn that you can't access the NEIBORS service with a library e-reader as the e-reader is registered with the library and cannot be used to download items to your account.