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Library Use and Library Services

2.  Library Use: Library use shall be as follows:

2.1 The Library may be used by anyone, and services shall not be denied or limited because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status.

2.2 Upon request a library card will be issued to any Iowa resident.

2.3 The circulation records and video surveillance footage of the Library are confidential and will not be made available to any other entity except as required by law.

2.4 The use of the Library or its services may be denied or limited by the Board or the library staff for just cause. In addition to federal, state, and local laws the following rules are in force to maintain a welcoming library for area residents.
      a. Patrons using the library shall be engaged in normal activities associated with the use of a public library including reading, studying, or otherwise using library services.
      b. Disruptive behavior is prohibited, including, but not limited to: loud talking or making noise, running or horsing around in general, disrespectful language or gestures, and misuse of library property.
      c. Food and beverages are prohibited except for library approved programs.
      d. Library users shall dress appropriately including always wearing shirts and shoes.
      e. Cell phones are to be turned off, silenced, or set to vibrate upon entering the Library. Brief cell phone conversations are allowed in the entryway.
      f. Bringing animals into the library, except trained service animals or as authorized for library-sponsored events, is prohibited.

[Revised 3-29-2016]

3.  Library Services:
Library services shall be provided as follows:

3.1 The Director will select from the mass of available materials, and organize for easy access, those Library materials which, in the judgment of the Director, best meet the needs of the community.

3.2 The Library Staff will provide competent and courteous guidance and assistance for people seeking information.

3.3 The Library will provide information and materials to help people to:

            a.  Equip themselves for efficient activities and useful occupations and practical affairs in the world.

            b.  Increase their competence to form sound judgments on public problems, express their opinions and act accordingly.

            c.  Increase their understanding and appreciation of literature, the arts, sciences and the political and natural world.

            d.  Promote personal and social well-being and develop creative and spiritual capacities.

            e.  Enjoy recreational reading.

3.4 The Library will cooperate with other community agencies and organizations to:

             a.  Determine and meet the educational needs of the community.

             b.  Help them with their programs.

3.5 The Library accepts responsibility for securing and distributing information beyond its own resources by:
            a.  Collecting information about resources of agencies, institutions, organizations, and individuals in and beyond the community.

            b.  Obtaining information and borrowing materials which are not owned by the Library and which cannot be purchased, or materials for which the demand does not justify purchase.

3.6 The Library will lend materials which are requested by other libraries, although Patrons of this Library have a priority in the use of materials.

3.7 The Library will endeavor to maintain a balance in its services to Patrons of all ages.  The Library will cooperate with, but cannot perform the function of,  school or other institutional libraries which are designed to meet curricular needs.

3.8 Library services will be provided during the hours which best meet the needs of the community.

3.9 The Library will provide outreach programs for those unable to reach the Library.

3.10 The Library will provide distance learning opportunities for Patrons and other users through the Iowa Communications Network.

3.11 Periodic review will be made of the Library services to determine whether the needs of the community indicate that existing services should be discontinued or new services should be added.

[Reviewed October 28, 2014]