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Minutes April 2008


PRESENT:  Don Wilson, Dean Stickrod, Lynn Allbee, Denise Wolf, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring

AGENDA:  Approved     MINUTES: Approved     BILLS: Approved  Siemens contract is going up each of the next three years.  This was approved separately.

►The new computer was installed.

►Dan will apply for a grant for funds for Sheri Bader’s programs.

►Lynn and Denise will be completing their terms on the Board in June.

►$1,324.35 in Enrich Iowa funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year.  It will be used to purchase books in lieu of Library funds for May and June.

►$2,000 from Hardin County Empowerment must be spent by the end of the fiscal year for books and supplies for 0-5 year-olds.  This was approved.  Dan will order materials.

►Experience Works had asked for a $200 contribution for Pat Spurlin’s placement at the Library.  Due to budget constraints, the Board decided against this.

►Yard and garden—will purchase some annuals and some mulch.

►Discussion on Library five year plan will be continued next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 5:00 PM.