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Minutes December 2009

Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees
December 29, 2009

PRESENT: Don Wilson, Jan Dunn, Kristin Gehrke, Dean Stickrod, Lou Schafer, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring

MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.

Discussed staff suggestion of purchasing an aquarium for the library. Sheri Bader will check into the costs.  Also discussed converting the second meeting room coat rack (across from kitchenette) into a storage area.  Duane Hahn will be consulted on the cost of the project. Lou Schafer offered to assist Duane with the project.

Discussed Experience Works request for $100. Board decided to decline the request.

Discussed budgeted amount for purchasing books. Friends of the Eldora Library will be giving the Library $1000. The board agreed to use Trust funds to make up the shortfall of $2500 to bring the amount to $12000.

Discussed using Trust funds to purchase a new software system to manage the card catalog and check out.  Dan will also check on the cost of a self-checkout system.

Building and Grounds committee presented a sample of what Susan created for the atrium space.  Project will be done on masonite and mounted on wall for ease of removal. The words “explore” and “discover” will be painted on either side of a compass rose. Colors will be jewel tone with possible antiquing.  Susan’s proposed cost with materials for the project was $150. Board agreed to her proposal and Susan will move ahead with the project.

Painting of the meeting room, workroom/office area and main library have been completed.  Atrium will soon be completed. Carpet installation may not be until the end of January.  New tables will be delivered once installation is completed.

Discussed the idea to encourage patrons to purchase books for the library.  Dan proposed charging patrons half of retail with the understanding they would be the first to read the book. Dan created a sample chart listing release dates for upcoming popular fiction titles.  It was suggested that lists be created to include Christian fiction as well as non-fiction.  If patron would like to be recognized, the donor could be identified inside the book.  It was recommended that instead of patrons paying half of retail, that they pay the library’s actual cost. Dan indicated that on average, the library receives a 44% discount.  Board agreed that the library’s total cost of the book should be covered.  Discussed getting out the word by introducing the idea in Dan’s newspaper column, in the community news column, as well as an article explaining the plan. Dan will contact the newspaper.  It was also suggested that a display could be created for the front table.

Discussed updating computer monitors. Dan will check on cost of flat screens.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 26, 2009.