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Overdues-Fines, Charges & Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

10. Overdues-Fines, Charges & Suspension of Borrowing Privileges: Overdues-fines, charges and suspension of borrowing privileges shall be as follows:

10.1 Patrons shall be charged a fine of 50 cents per day for videos and 10 cents per day for each other overdue item, except teachers and home schoolers shall not be charged a fine on overdue items being used for teaching.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per item. [Amended 1-27-12]

10.2 Patrons shall be charged the cost of each item which is more than 30 days overdue.

10.3 Patrons will be notified of their overdues either by telephone or in writing.

10.4 When an item is overdue and there is an unpaid fine or charge, the Patrons Library borrowing and computer privileges shall be suspended until all fines or charges are paid and all borrowed items returned to the Library, except for any item for which a charge has been paid.  [Amended 4-21-04]

10.5 In case of hardship or other good reason,  at the discretion of the Library Director or anyone to whom the Director has delegated such authority, any fine or charge may compromised or waived.

[Reviewed November 25, 2014]