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Minutes November 2010


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

November 30, 2010


PRESENT:  Dean Stickrod, Lou Schafer, Kristin Gehrke, Jan Dunn, Gary Knox, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring


MINUTES approved. BILLS approved.


Shirley Daleske agreed to do some volunteer work with landscaping in the spring. She may do some fall work, weather permitting.


The recent ICN Trustee Workshop regarding internet use in public libraries was attended by Dan, Dean and Gary.  ICN covered internet safety and the staff’s role regarding internet usage. It was emphasized that staff should not have to supervise internet use and instead trust that patrons are following the guidelines. The library receives federal funds to help offset the cost of internet; this funding does come with some guidelines (including using a computer filter). The library’s computer policy may need to be reviewed in the future.


Discussed Fall Survey results.  Copy of patron comments was distributed.  Library received positive feedback regarding the new catalog system.  Dan encouraged trustees to review the comments and come prepared next meeting to discuss ideas for improving library services.


Fees collected for Interlibrary Loan materials can be raised to $2 (state has raised the allowable fee). Discussed keeping the current charge (currently $1.25), increasing the charge, or eliminating it altogether. Some felt the price was reasonable; others felt that it should be a free service provided to meet patron needs.  Dan will collect additional information to discuss the topic more fully at next month’s meeting.


Various children’s activities are being planned for over the winter break. Possibly a movie or game event.


Dan indicated that he did not think a technology plan would be needed at this time but should be considered as part of long range planning.  Library currently has 5 staff computers and 10 patron computers. Five of them are at least 7 years old.  Some survey responders felt the computers were too slow.


The proposed 2010-2011 budget was reviewed by Dean and Gary.  Dan suggested raising the budgeted amount for electricity from $8,000 to $11,000 based on this year’s costs so far.  Rates have increased and actual library costs for electricity will likely exceed this year’s budgeted amount by fiscal year end.  It was moved and seconded to increase budgeted amount for electricity to $11,000. Dean will meet with Ian regarding the budget.


Dan pointed out that while a new copier would be a nice service for patrons, due to budgetary constraints, we will make due with the current machine for another year.


It was pointed out that the Audio visual budget amount was increased from $1000 to $2000 to help expand the library’s DVD collection. Dan will check with the previous video store owner about any remaining stock that the library could purchase.


Dan collected information from a number of other libraries about their DVD usage policies. It was suggested that the number of DVD check-outs be limited as well as limiting the amount of time allowed for check-out. Staff feel that for security reasons, discs should be kept behind the desk.  It was also recommended that movies be checked out only to those 18 and older. After some discussion, board agreed that parents could sign a form providing permission for their child under 18 to check out movies.


On the new Apollo system, there is a feature that would allow adding a fee to help cover the cost of postage for mailing overdue notices. For those who have overdue items and/or fines, staff can use their discretion to allow future check-outs. First overdue reminder is a phone call. Second is a letter and the third notice is a bill. It was agreed that the additional fees for postage not be pursued.


Discussed expected conduct of children in the library.  Lou’s suggestion was to talk to the children individually and warn them that they will be asked to leave and their parents will be contacted. Board recommended that a child’s parent be called each time they are asked to leave the building.


NEXT MEETING: December 28th at 5:00 pm.



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