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May 2012


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

May 29,2012

PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Jill Stanish, Lou Schafer, Mary Swartz,

Dan Gehring


Carol Gilbert from the Hardin County Community Endowment Fund shared information about how they

can help the library create a fund to help provide a long-term stream of income. Three other libraries

currently have funds through HCCEF. Donors to a fund managed by HCCEF would qualiff for a25Yo

tax credit on their state taxes through Endow Iowa. This would be in addition to the federal tax

deductibility for charitable donations. The fund would need to be set up through the Friends of the Eldora

Public Library. Representatives from the Friends were in attendance for the presentation.


MINUTES approved. BILLS approved.


Dan gave his Director's report.

Summer Reading Program will include all ages through adult.

Shirley Shirley has written a book and the library has purchased it.

Dan reported that the Kindle units have not been used as much as he had expected.


Discussed the feasibility of setting up an account with HCCEF. Our current CD comes due in the spring

of 2013. The benefits of setting up a smaller account to enable donors to benefit from the 25Yo tax credit

sooner than next year were discussed. It was recommended that Dan speak with the other libraries who

have set up accounts through HCCEF. If their feedback is positive, the board authorized Dan to begin the

process of setting up an account for the minimum S1000. Funds will be taken from the Special Library

Trust Lrterest income.


Discussed possible uses for spending equipment firnds and Trust Fund Money. Board approved the

purchase of a new front desk computer with the capability to have a second monitor for a security camera

(to be purchased at a later date). Additionally the board approved the purchase of a new mobile work

station for the laptop computer. The $666 balance from Enrich Iowa will be used and the balance will be

taken from the equipment line in the budget.  Discussed the purchase of a literature rack for the entry area

to help cut down on clutter at the front desk.  Lou will look into the possibility of making it himself or having

it made by a shop class.


Discussed changing cleaning staff from city employee to privately contracted. Dan indicated that the

cleaning quahty has improved and the library has saved money by paying an hourly rate. Therefore,

Board consensus was to keep the cleaning person as a city employee paid hourly at this time.


Lou Schafer indicated that the Eldora Library would be receiving a donation of approximately $800 from

the city ofNew Providence.


Kristin reported that Jan plans to plant flowers (in the bed with the statue) within the next week.


NEXT MEETING: Jvne26,20ll at 5:00 pm.
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