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Minutes 2015

Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees
January 27, 2015

PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan

Whink representative Joe Throssel was present to answer questions about the boiler invoice. It
was agreed by board to pay the invoice in full with the understanding that if a new boiler is
purchased from Whink, that $598.13 will be discounted from the purchase price. Library is still
receiving additional bids for a new boiler.

MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.

Library will install a water softener to help extend the life of current and future boilers. Board
authorized spending up to $500.

Library programs for February include Joy Fisher’s program on February 8, IPTV Library
Corner program on February 10 and a Valentine’s Day party for 4th and 5th grade students on
February 14.

Reviewed policies for the library’s accreditation renewal. Dan will send out notice of proposed
changes which can then be finalized at the February meeting.

Dan discussed the need to clear out unused items in storage areas. Dan will consult with Building
& Grounds Committee regarding disposal.

Dan will be applying for grants to Barlow Foundation, Alliant and Hardin County Communicty
Endowment Foundation for the purchase of Legos, Lego Table, Thomas Train cars and
replacement of worn and broken toys for children’s area.

Review of Open Meeting Laws was tabled until February meeting.

NEXT MEETING: February 24, 2015 at 5:00 pm.

Minutes from February 2015


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

March 31, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Water pump has been replaced (cost was not part of boiler estimate). Pump also had to be connected to the controls by Siemens. The front door handle to the library was broken and has been replaced.


Joanne Smith (Experience Works) will no longer be working at the library because she is moving. Dan will check with Experience Works about another worker.


Libri Foundation will be completely covering the cost of $1,050 worth of children’s books for the library.


The library will be receiving contributions of $700 from the Barlow Family Foundation and $1,100 from the Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation for a total of $1800 towards the Legos and More project that has a planned budget of $2,233. Dan will see if an additional $433 is contributed before the next meeting.


Jim Hoy donated a print of a B-17 in honor of Don Wilson who served in something similar. Hoy would like an inscribed plate attached to the frame. Board suggested that the inscription be separate from the print (either framed, mounted on plaque or on a brass plate). It was suggested that Dan contact local business woman, Marilyn Reinertson, for estimate on costs. Dan will bring information to the next meeting.


Dan has scheduled an open house on Sunday, April 12 for people to learn how to download e-books from NEIBORS onto their electronic devices. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library will be served.


South Hardin High School’s Service Learning Day is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6. Dan will request volunteers to assist with grounds work and window cleaning at the library.


Dan reported that a monitor needed to be replaced. Heart of Iowa had a used monitor that Dan purchased for the library for $50. For the April meeting it was suggested that Dan compile a list of monitors and their ages as well as how many computers were still using XP.


According to the Public Library Standards, the Job Descriptions for the library must list salary range. Dan will draft corrected Job Descriptions with updated salary ranges for the April meeting.


NEXT MEETING: April 28, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

April 28, 2015



PRESENT: Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring, Jim Hoy


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Marilyn Reinertson presented possible options for the Don Wilson memorial plate. Board approved the purchase of a custom frame in addition to the Memorial Plate printed on metal. Board also approved a smaller metal plate Marilyn had created for the portrait of Don & Bonnie Wilson in the meeting room.


Service Learning Day will be May 6. Library is expecting 10-12 students to help spread mulch and wash windows.


Library received $1100 from the Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation and $700 from the Barlow Family Foundation for the Legos and More Project. Dan will know by May 1 whether the library will receive grant money from Alliant. If not, the Friends of the Library will be covering the remaining $433 needed. Dan will order the Legos and other products.


Discussed some difficulties with vandalism and rude children at the library. Dan mentioned that some of the bad behavior directed at Susan has occurred on a Saturday when she is the only staff person. Dan told Susan to call him if problems arose in the future. It was also suggested that adult volunteers be sought to help out on Saturdays to have another adult in the building.


The mother of the child who broke the outside library light has offered to pay for the electrician’s visit. Payments over time will be arranged.


Dan Wardell visited the library and 60 kids turned out for the event. The Dr. Seuss program put on by the library was also very successful. Polly Brickhouse is willing to help with more kid’s programs. Preparation for the Summer Reading Program will happen in May.


Boiler has been installed but not started. Water treatment for the library will cost $100/year. Treatment will take the place of having a water softener installed.


Staff salary ranges were updated for Job Descriptions. Assistant Librarian hourly wage was changed to a range of $8-$15. Hourly wage for the Children’s Librarian was also changed to a range of $8-$15. The hourly rate for the cleaning position was updated to $8-$13.


Dan prepared a list of Library computers with information on date purchased and operating system. There are currently 7 computers still using XP that are 7-10 years old. One of those is a poorly working youth computer. Board agreed to get the youth computer replaced now. It was suggested that a time table be created for future technology updates. Dan suggested that the Board consider using money from the Library Trust for computer updates or reconsider a Library Levy to finance computer updates. Further discussion was tabled until May meeting.


NEXT MEETING: May 26, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

May 26, 2015



PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Jackie Winters, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Boiler installation cannot be completed without a service call by Siemens. Dan said it would cost $550 to $600 for their assistance.


The frame and brass plate for the Wilson Memorial will be completed in about a month.


Service Learning Day was a success; Rex helped out and said the students were hard workers.


Legos and More Project items have arrived at the library. Susan has already used some of the Legos for a program with Tiger P.A.C.K.


Summer Reading Program sign up will be on Wednesday, May 27. Hot dogs will be served from 11:30am-12:30pm. Any available Board members were encouraged to assist. Dan reviewed the schedule for the Summer Reading Program. Two Saturday family programs are scheduled for June 13 and July 11.


Dan presented bids for a new youth computer. Pending some additional input regarding the video card from Scott Swartz, the Board agreed to purchase a computer for the $659 bid price. Monitor will be purchased elsewhere. Funds from the State of Iowa Open Access account will be used for the purchase.


The device that counts people entering the library broke. New unit could be over $300 so Dan suggested we not replace at this time. Board agreed.


NEXT MEETING: June30, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

June 30, 2015


PRESENT: Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Jackie Winters, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved with the exception of Service Contract amount to Whink.


Discussed recent service call by Siemens for heating/cooling issues. It was discovered that a boiler part had been installed improperly. Dan will contact Siemens to find out more information. Board requested that the service contract with Whink not be paid until this issue is resolved. Also discussed possibility of switching service agreement from Whink to someone else.


Jason Reinertson is still working on the frame for the Don Wilson Memorial.


Friends of the Library raised $2, 245 in their recent membership drive and also received $1,398.91 from the Eldora Public Library Endowment Fund. They are using some of that money for three purchases: Classics Illustrated Comic Books, a Chromebook, and Summer Reading Program Prizes. The Friends are open to additional spending suggestions from the Board.


The new youth computer has been installed and several youth have played Minecraft. Dan will be recording computer use to help keep kids from interfering with other kids’ progress in the game.


Susan has had some health issues which have kept her from working. Dan and Joan have been working extra hours to help cover. Susan reported that she is feeling better.


Library received 82 hardback books from the Libri Foundation. Dan is planning a program with Tiger P.A.C.K. to help promote the new books.


Dan indicated that this summer more reading hours have been logged than last summer. Attendance has been good at special programs. It was suggested that more programs get scheduled in the afternoon to avoid conflicts with area Vacation Bible Schools.


Discussed shortfall of library book budget. New budget has cut spending for books almost in half. Discussed ways of cutting back in other areas to help offset the shortage.


NEXT MEETING: July 28, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

July 28, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Dan explained the updated billing from Whink. They reduced the bill for an hour of Siemens time as well as reducing the fall portion of the service contract. Board approved the proposed adjustment.


Dan is waiting to hear from Zoske Electric regarding the variable frequency drive. If it needs to be replaced, Siemens would like to submit a bid.


Based on the reduction in the book budget, Dan has cut back on purchases. New Providence recently gave the library $855. Board approved using those funds for books.


The Friends currently have over $4000 and also plan to have a September book sale. The Board approved a request from Friends for $2000 for book purchases to help supplement the budget shorfall.


2015 Summer Reading Program set a new record for reading minutes. Grand total was 2,169 hours read.


Library had 15 RAGBRAI riders stay overnight. Dan shared a list of riders and where they were from that Joan had compiled for people who used the Wi-Fi.


The Don Wilson Memorial framed brass plate has been completed. Board recommended hanging them together near the cupboard next to the puzzle table. The portrait of Don and Bonnie Wilson will be hung above the puzzle table on the other side of the cupboard.


The Chromebook purchased by the Friends has been getting used. It works well for general internet uses such as Facebook and YouTube.


Discussed staff raises. Board approved a 45 cent raise for Dan, Joan and Susan. Board approved a 25 cent raise for Linda. Because Jennifer has only recently been hired, the Board recommended waiting on a raise until she has completed 6 months of employment.


NEXT MEETING: August 25, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

August 25, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Friends of the Library gave another generous gift to the library: $2000 for books, $150 for another Chromebook, $115 to add to the Classics Illustrated collection and $350 for a special library program, “At Home in the Heartland Bus-eum.” The program will be held October 3 from 1-4pm.


Dan asked Bruce about RAGBRAI and he indicated that $300 may possibly go back to the library.


Dan mentioned that Halloween is on a Saturday this year and invited Board members to help out with programming.


A new volunteer, Pat Fuchs, will be starting on Monday. Cleaning staff, Linda Hallet, has had some ankle problems and will be off work for the time being. The back-up cleaning person recently got a new full-time job. Linda suggested someone to clean who requested $9/hour. It was decided that the Personnel committee will handle hiring a back-up cleaning person. Jill had a few names of cleaners to recommend that she will forward to Personnel committee.


Bob Jones from the street department took care of a clogged drain in the equipment room. The water drain for lawn has also been fixed.


Discussed water treatment for boiler instead of installing a water softener. Board approved such action. Dan will talk to Buildings & Grounds committee after getting an estimate of the annual costs involved.


Zoske Electric has not acted on fixing the variable frequency drive. Discussed having Speck Electric do the work instead. Dan had a quote of $2840 plus $1000 to install from Speck. Board approved hiring Speck after a written estimate was received.


Discussed reduced book budget and ways to offset the shortfall. Dan said that he has reduced the number of authors the library receives automatically and he has also cut back on book requests. Discussed looking into a library levy as well as possibly using trust funds. Dan will check on guidelines and deadline for doing a levy.


Iowa Library Services is sponsoring a Trustee Training that will be held at Conrad Public Library on Tuesday, September 8. Training starts at 6:30 with a pot-luck meal and the topic for training will be “Trustee Basic Training and Evaluation of Board Effectiveness.” Reservations are needed by September 4. Mary and Jill will check their schedules and get back to Dan.


Annual Friends of the Library book sale will be held on Friday Sept. 11 and Saturday, Sept. 12. Discussed having an ongoing book sale in the future. It was suggested that after the Annual Book sale, a select number of books be on display for purchase. Dan showed the Board a cart that could be used for that purpose. Board approved.


NEXT MEETING: September 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

September 29, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Jackie Winters, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Dan and Rex attended the Trustee Training at the Conrad Public Library.


The library received Enrich Iowa Money in the amount of $1,667.82 from the State of Iowa.


The Friends of the Library Book Sale brought in over $600. The Bus-eum exhibit and program “At Home in the Heartland” (funded by the Friends) will be Saturday, October 3 from 1:00-4:00pm.


The next library program will be on Sunday, November 1 at 2:00pm about Prohibition in Eastern Iowa.


Dan reported that the variable frequency drive was less than the quoted cost of $4000. Bob Jones, Street Superintendent has been consulted regarding the library’s service plan with Whink. Dan will talk to Bruce regarding assistance from city in funding boiler repairs.


Dan cleared out construction materials that were in the electrical room. Some materials were donated to the Providential Homes program and other items were discarded.


The library has been accredited for another three years by Iowa Library Services.


Discussed shortfall of book budget. It was suggested that the following items from the Library Trust Fund be used to purchase books: Special Library Trust Interest ($2,450.15), Friends of Library ($1,216.40), and Enrich Iowa Direct State Aid ($1,657.82). Board approved.


Dan indicated that Becky Rose has been doing a very good job of cleaning during Linda’s absence. Board authorized Dan to offer Becky $10/hour if she chose to continue as back-up cleaning staff once Linda returns. Dan reported that Linda could be back to work as early as Thursday, October 1. Jackie recommended that she not be allowed to return without a doctor’s release.


NEXT MEETING: October 27, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

October 27, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Jerry Trittien, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Jackie Winters, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Dan reported that preschool age attendance has declined at the trailer park; the food provided has attracted older children instead. Library staff will consult with Little Rock volunteers to determine a more effective way to reach preschool residents in the trailer park.


Dan shared information about Pizza Ranch Impact Night. Organizations participating clear tables between 5 and 8 pm and receive 7% of sales during that time plus donations. Board will further discuss at November meeting.


The Buseum program was attended by about 30 people; 5 or 6 attended the coordinating program inside the library. Upcoming events include a children’s Halloween program on October 31 from 1:30-2:30 (with assistance from Kiwanis Builders Club) and a program on Sunday, November 1, pertaining to Prohibition in Eastern Iowa.


Downspout at the front entrance of library still needs to be fixed by city.


Friends of the Library purchased a Kindle Fire providing an option to read e-books in color. Dan is checking to see whether the Kindle Fire would also provide a good way to read digital comics.


Dan distributed a summary of last year’s Fall Survey results along with a draft for this year’s survey. Questions were more open ended to encourage patrons to suggest ways the library can improve services. Board approved draft. Dan will share results at next board meeting.


Dan gave an update on the search for an Experience Works participant. Dan indicated two people had inquired about it.


The laptop currently used with the projector has had some issues. Dan suggested the laptop be transitioned into use as the catalog computer for patrons. Dan submitted a bid for a new laptop totaling $799. Board approved the purchase.


Discussed the addition of holiday lights at the library. Dan will check with Bruce whether city personnel could hang exterior lights. Kristin suggested interior candle lights for the windows. She will check on prices.


Volunteer Luncheon will be December 4, 2015 at noon. Friends of the Library chose to have the meal catered. Board will need to decide on how much can be spent for the meal.


Board reviewed a portion of the State Recommendations for Library Trustees. Remaining portion will be reviewed at November meeting.


NEXT MEETING: November 24, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

November 24, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Kristin Gehrke, Rex Lawler, Jill Stanish, Mary Swartz, Jerry Trittien, Jackie Winters, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Nikki Bernard-Mattson will be working at the library 22 hours per week through the Experience Works program. Nikki starts on Monday, November 30.


Santa and Mrs. Claus (Tom and Linda Pierson) will be at the library on Saturday, December 19 from 10:00-11:30am. Kiwanis Builder’s Club will host activities for kids during that time. Other children’s activities are being planned for the winter school break.


One of the front desk computers has developed problems. Dan proposed that the kid’s computer that had been used for CD-ROM games be transferred to the front desk. The games on CD have not seen much use; most kids are playing online games. Board approved the action.


Decided against holiday lights for the library as city could not put up or take down. Kristin checked on lights for interior windows and cost was prohibitive.


Discussed doing a tip night at Pizza Ranch. Jackie talked with someone who has done tip nights and the average income generated was $150. Board recommended discussing the topic again in the spring. It was suggested that funds could be used for the Summer Reading Program.


With Christmas holiday falling on Friday, discussed having library closed on Saturday, December 26. Board approved.


Dan reported that he will restructure the format of library policies to match the state guidelines. Some procedures that staff would like to work on include: unaccompanied minors, book club guidelines and book weeding guidelines.


Results from the fall survey were shared. The open ended survey yielded a good deal of positive feedback.


Discussed HCCEF Grant and potential projects. Kristin suggested making a request to purchase books from Library Reads (monthly recommendations from librarians) or from Iowa Children’s Choice or Iowa Teen’s Choice.


Dan will work on a budget proposal for next year’s budget and will submit draft to the Finance Committee.


Board members were encouraged to review the long range plan which can be accessed from the library website under Policies.


NEXT MEETING: December 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm.


Eldora Public Library Board of Trustees

December 29, 2015


PRESENT: Dean Stickrod, Kristin Gehrke, Jill Stanish, Jerry Trittien, Dan Gehring


MINUTES were approved. BILLS were approved.


Director’s Report

  • Trust Fund balance at the end of November was $14,785.66. Estimated balance after December and January expenses will be $11,738.

  • New Experience Works worker, Rosy Seniva, started at the library on December 28.

  • Volunteer lunch was well attended. Meal and activity were enjoyed by all.

  • Library program with Santa and Mrs. Clause went well. Dr. Sara Anderson along with Kiwanis Builders Club provided activities and cookies. Library web page lists additional programs for winter break.

  • Dan reported that Friends recently donated $1100 and United Methodist Women donated $185 for children’s books. Dan recommended using part of the money received to pay for Iowa Award books (includes 19 Goldfinch Award books, 20 Children’s Choice Award books, 15 Teen Award books and 13 High School Award books). Board approved the total purchase of $779.81 for those books.

  • Dan reported that the Chromebooks given by friends have been working well. Dan suggested purchasing an additional one for $219.99 with some of the funds from Friends. Board approved.

  • HCCEF 2016 Grant deadline is in February. Discussed requesting money to purchase the Library Reads recommendations each month over the next year.

  • Reminder to discuss Pizza Ranch Tip night at a future meeting.


Old Business

  • Dan reminded the Board to review the list of services the library provides. Discussed procedure for reserves. Board agreed that patrons would be notified that they have 2 days to pick up the reserve title. If they do not come in, their name will go to the end of the reserve list.


New Business

  • Library received notice that they had reached over 86% of data allowance. Library’s service from Mediacom includes 20 Mbps service at no cost. Heart of Iowa also services the library for $16/month after the e-rate discount. Dan distributed cost estimate for 30 Mbps service that would be $180/month. Given the tight budget, Board opted to continue with existing service. Dan is waiting to hear back from Mediacom whether the allowance could be increased.

  • Finance Committee completed budget draft for 2016-2017. Board approved the recommended draft. Dan will forward budget draft to City Hall.

  • Dan mentioned that with book donations and ongoing weeding, there should be enough books for a Winter Book Sale.


NEXT MEETING: January 26, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

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