Explore Iowa with Adventure Pass

Check out passes to Iowa Attractions and Museums once per year for free using your Eldora Public Library card!

Available Adventure Passes

Passes allow entrance for 2 adults and 2 children. Any additional tickets may be purchased at the front desk of the attraction/museum. 

In order to check out and use an Adventure Pass;

  • The library card holder must be 18 years or older and their cards must be in good standing (no fines, up to date).
  • Each Patron may check out one pass per attraction/museum every 365 days.
  • The pass must be printed out and presented at the gates, along with a valid ID with the matching name on the pass. You can print the confirmation page out at the Eldora Public Library free of charge!
  • You may only use one pass once per week.
  • Reservations can be made up to 90 days prior to the date.
  • Reservations can be canceled up to the day before your reservation through the library. 
  • If you do not cancel your reservation by the day BEFORE the scheduled date, you lose that pass for the year.

Ready to check out your Adventure Pass?


Use your Library Card Number to check out a pass by clicking Here or following this link


If you need any more assistance please contact us at the library at 641-939-2173



Adventure Pass FAQ

Here are some answers to some Frequently asked questions;
Q: What is the Iowa Libraries Adventure Pass Program?

A: Adventure Pass is an online program that allows library patrons to use their library cards to visit area attractions, museums, and parks for free.

Q: How does it work?

A: If your library has signed up to participate in the Adventure Pass program, search your library's website for the Adventure Pass link (https://www.eventkeeper.com/mars/tkflex.cfm?curOrg=GRIMES&curApp=passes&curpasskey1=Eldora%20Public%20Library). You will then be able to browse the passes your library subscribes to and which dates the pass is available. 

Once you find the place and date of your choice, follow the on-screen prompts to reserve the pass. You will need to use your library card number. Print the confirmation page of your reservation and present that at the doors along with a valid photo ID to gain access to the venue. 

Q: Can I take anyone with me when I go?

A: Yes! The pass is valid for 2 adults and 2 children. Any other attendees will need to pay regular admission price at the door.

Q: Where can I go with Adventure Pass?

A: Specific destinations depend on what your library has purchased for passes. The Adventure Pass program has agreements with several locations in Iowa including Blank Park Zoo, Science Center of Iowa, Great Des Moines Botanical Garden, Reiman Gardens, LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Grout Museum, Figge Museum, the Quad Cities Fun Bundle, Brenton Skating Plaza, and the African American Museum of Iowa.

Eldora Public Library gives patrons access to Blank Park Zoo, Science Center of Iowa, and Reiman Gardens passes.

Q: How often can I reserve the pass?

A: You can reserve one pass per venue every 365 days.

Q: If I can't use the pass the day I reserved it, do I lose my turn for the year?
A: You can contact your library up to one day BEFORE your reserved date, and they can cancel it for you. You are then able to make a reservation for a later date. 

*Cardholders should verify a venue is open before reserving a pass.

Q: If I reserve the pass online, how do I gain entranced to the venue I reserved?

A: You must print the confirmation page of your reservation and present that plus a valid photo ID to gain entrance to the venue you reserved. The name on the pass must match the name on the ID when the cardholder presents the pass for admission to the venue. 

Q: Can I show the confirmation email on my mobile device?

A: No. You must have the printed pass to enter. If you do not have a printer, your library can help you print the pass. It is free to print the pass at The Eldora Public Library.

Q: Can my child reserve the pass?

A: You must be 18 years of age or older to reserve a pass. Anyone under 18 is not eligible to reserve a pass.

Q: What do I do if I can't find my printed pass?

A: Contact your library immediately. They will be able to print out the pass for you, or email you a copy of the pass for you to print out.

Q: Will there be more choices for destinations in the future?

A: Adventure Pass organizers are constantly working to grow the program. More locations may become available in the future.